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Animal Success Stories
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10-11-20: Freddy from North Augusta completed his heartworm treatment and today found his forever home! Happy trails Freddy!


7-15-17:  Foxy was at Aiken County Animal Shelter and then Shelter Animals Advocates pulled her into the rescue. She was adopted into a lovely new home today and has a new mom and a new kitty sibling!



9-10-16:  This is a very special adoption story!! 
Fiona was HW positive on death row, and scared of her own shadow.  The Heart Beat Goes On pulled and treated her,  Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk - RADAR Dogs  helped cover her treatment costs, and she became available for adoption. She very quickly bonded to another dog named Pudge who gave her confidence and joy. Pudge was then adopted by a fantastic family and  poor Fiona regressed back into the fearful dog she was before she met him.  :(  Hearing this, Pudge's family asked if they could foster Fiona! We of course were delighted to say yes! After two weeks, this wonderful family decided that Fiona and Pudge couldn't be separated and that Fiona was definitely a permanent member of their family! Today, 10 Sept 2016, Fiona was adopted into her forever family and will have a mom, dad, human brother, and dog brother Pudge to love on! Let the Heartbeat go on!!

Fiona and Pudge



Flo was originally pulled from Aiken County SC Shelter death row in 11-14 , received her HW treatment and went to a rescue which then went out of business in 3-15. We took Flo back into our rescue and found her a forever home in May 2015.

Flo was HW+ on death row, finished her HW treatment and was the FIRST dog adopted under our adoption program back in May. From her adopter: She goes by Lola Grace and she's a amazing young lady :) She loves the kids and is the sweetest girl ever :) She's a total diva and full of energy :) I have had her long enough to run some of that energy out and train her when she wants to play she goes to her toy box and brings u a toy instead of just taking me out haha she's a big girl almost 60 pounds and loves to strut her stuff threw the neighborhood and walks on a leash great,  dosent pull or walk me at all she's such a joy and absolutely a perfect match for our family. very spoiled bt deserves everything she has she a awesome girl :)  Thanks again for all you do!!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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