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11/27/2015 10:23 AM

Animal Success Stories
Please visit our Success Stories page to read all of our stories!

Flo was originally pulled from Aiken County SC Shelter death row in 11-14 , received her HW treatment and went to a rescue which then went out of business in 3-15. We took Flo back into our rescue and found her a forever home in May 2015.

Flo was HW+ on death row, finished her HW treatment and was the FIRST dog adopted under our adoption program back in May. From her adopter: She goes by Lola Grace and she's a amazing young lady :) She loves the kids and is the sweetest girl ever :) She's a total diva and full of energy :) I have had her long enough to run some of that energy out and train her when she wants to play she goes to her toy box and brings u a toy instead of just taking me out haha she's a big girl almost 60 pounds and loves to strut her stuff threw the neighborhood and walks on a leash great,  dosent pull or walk me at all she's such a joy and absolutely a perfect match for our family. very spoiled bt deserves everything she has she a awesome girl :)  Thanks again for all you do!!