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11/27/2015 10:23 AM

Animal Success Stories
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Great news today for Tasha!
Today, 26 Dec, Tasha was adopted!
Tasha was heartworm positive at ACAS, RADAR provided funds for her treatment and Shelter Animals Advocates The Heartbeat Goes On rescued her and treated her! Miss Tasha has some nerve damage which causes her back legs to get confused and sometimes they cross themselves or she stumbles. Dr Sybil Davis at Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehab helped Tasha improve her mobility so that she can live a happy and normal life. Thankfully, her new mom doesn't mind continuing to work with her and giving her a helping hand when she needs it! 
Yay! Let the heartbeat go on!


3-31-18: After a long wait in foster, Tasha's people finally appeared and today she found her forever home


ADOPTED 2-27-21: Tasha was one of our Heartbeat alums, her first adopter returned her when her job changed. Her second home was perfect for her, a mom and 13 yr old boy and no other animals, unfortunately the boy then went to live with his dad and Tasha was left behind and mom returned her to us .. with a tumor on one leg. The tumor was removed and Tasha tried to find a forever home for quite some time and 2-27-21 was adopted by her orginal foster! Happy trails Tasha (now Tessa)