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Animal Success Stories
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Jan. 21,2017

Hooray! Selys (Cece) was adopted today, 21 January! (Selys is the grey pooper on the far right)

Selys was heartworm positive and on death row. Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk - RADAR Dogs offered assistance with her funding, Shelter Animals Advocates The Heartbeat Goes On Campaign then pulled her and treated her for heartworms, hookworms and whipworms. Selys also had a mass on her left back leg that SAA removed. This sweet senior citizen is very shy and requires dogs around her for her to be comfortable, so she went to a foster home that has a lot of nice poopers. After two weeks in foster, her foster mom decided that she didn't need to go anywhere and adopted her! Foster Fail! Now sweet old Selys is in the perfect home! Yay! Let the heart beat on!