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Animal Success Stories
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December 10,2017. Hooray for Ghost! Ghost was heartworm positive at Aiken Co Animal Shelter where HeartBeat then rescued him and then treated him for heartworms! Ghost was adopted to a wonderful family for over a year but unfortunately had to be returned recently. Today Ghost found his new home! Congratulations!


8-5-17:  Sweet Gypsy can finally stop wandering and plant her roots with her adorable new family! They fell in love with her as soon as they met her! Gypsy was originally from Hampton County Animal Shelter.


Great news for Mr Gouda!
Today, 17 Dec, Mr Gouda was adopted by his new family! He now has three new human siblings and one new fur sibling (Ms Tiny)! 
Gouda was heartworm, hookworm AND whipworm positive at ACAS when Shelter Animals Advocates The Heartbeat Goes On rescued him and treated him! He is now negative for all three and a loving and super friendly dog that could not be happier than he is with this large awesome new family! Yay! Let the heartbeat go on!


10-22-16: We are happy to report that today, 22 October, Gabriel (now Moses) has been adopted! Gabriel was heartworm positive at Aiken County Animal Shelter. Shelter Animals Advocates The HeartBeat Goes On pulled him and treated him for heartworms. He was adopted and lived with his family for quite a while, but was returned when they started having marital problems. Gabriel came back with a nasty bout of hookworms and had to be treated, then the poor boy started showing signs of bad seasonal allergies and was unavailable for adoption until he started feeling better! FINALLY this amazing dog, described by his foster as a gentle innocent soul, finally he has his perfect forever home!



9-12-1`6: Ghost was HW positive and on death row.  Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk - RADAR Dogs  helped with funding and  The Heart Beat Goes On Goes On then treated him! Here he is today, 18 September, being adopted by a big loving family!! Yay! Let the Heartbeat go on!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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