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Animal Success Stories
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10-3-21: Julia from Allendale found her forever home! Happy trails Julia


04-28-19:  Judy was a pitiful terrified matted mess when we pulled her last summer, a senior shit-zu whose elderly owner died and family had sent to North Augusta shelter. We originally pulled her to groom her for another rescue but she was in such bad shape physically and emotionally it was clear she needed to stay with us to recover. She also turned out to have 'the worst case of bladder stones' our vet had ever seen. Once the mats were removed, and the stones were removed her skin began to clear up, her vision partially returned (one eye had been matted closed) and she began to be able to be handled .. a lovely couple then offered fostered her to see how she'd do in a home and Sunday her adoption was finalized. JuJu has found her forever home


Great news! Today, November 24th, sweet and shy Jody (now Maddie) was adopted! Maddie was originally at Aiken County Animal Shelter. Thanks to the help of one shelter volunteer that saw Maddie's potential, and the SAA foster that fell in love with her, Shelter Animals Advocates pulled Maddie into the rescue and got her ready for her forever home! Because she was so shy, Maddie did a week of foster to adopt with her new family to make sure she was comfortable before they adopted her. Her new dad has been taking her on daily runs (which she loves!) and her new mom has made sure that Maddie gets all the cuddles she could ever want! Congrats Maddie!!



Jack is in his forever home for Christmas! Jack was HW+ on death row, treated for heartworms through  The Heart Beat Goes On  (thanks to Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk (RADAR)  for help with funding) back in July, has been in several foster situations and last week found a foster to adopt ... Today, Christmas Eve, it is official. JACK IS HOME!

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